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29 Seasons

29 Seasons chronicles the author's life from her nascent years till twenty-nine. She has gone back in time as far as she could remember and the seasons are a poetic anthology of her life events in a nutshell as also foretelling new beginnings.

Seeking the Spirit Within

Book by Ankita Sharma

Seeking the Spirit Within will take you into a world of true self and spiritual discovery. It will aid in opening a gateway that will allow you to view life from a bigger picture and encourage you to follow a spiritual path to find peace and connect with God.

Take the journey today, and gain deep insight into coping with the eccentricities of life and how to lead blissful moments regardless of the learning stage you may be at.


$7.99 USD (GST Included)

About the book
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Seeking the Spirit Within will...

spirituality book
spirituality book

Create more love for your yourself

Help you gain deeper insights about the meaning of your life

Help remove mental blocks around the existence of the spirit realms

Help attract positive circumstances by way of positive affirmations daily

Help uplift your thinking beyond the reasons for your physical existence

29 Seasons

Book by Ankita Sharma

Discover the magic of 29 Seasons, a stunning poetic anthology that reveals the spectrum of feelings and events that shaped the fabric of my early years. Each season, skilfully crafted with the strands of my development, becomes a fascinating theme within this remarkable collection.

$7.99 USD (GST Included)

About the author

About the Author


Ankita Sharma is an Indian born New Zealand citizen who presents herself as a Business Analyst, a budding entrepreneur by day and a creative by night.


Ankita came to New Zealand in 2010 to study Astrophysics and graduated with a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Auckland.

Ankita is a multi-award winning author having, proudly received the 'Award of Distinction' at the Plain English Awards, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, the Global Inspiring Indian Women Awards and many more.

Ankita's passion for writing stems from her father who is himself a voracious reader and an eloquent writer. She learnt Reiki healing at the age of 15.

Her love for the healing arts was introduced by her mother who is herself a Reiki master. 

She has deep spiritual experiences through her journey in New Zealand with the acclaimed Medicine Woman program for spiritual seekers which led her to self-discovery and enhanced psychic abilities. 


Her hobbies include singing, dancing, the circus arts, tight rope-walking, parkouring, movies, fashion, acting, stand-up comedy, politics to name a few. 


Ankita believes that we are all our own teachers and spirituality and personal growth should be at the forefront of one's life.

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